So K has this thing about Polar Bears. It all stemmed from a childhood plush toy, and has grown into his adult love of polar bears (but not in that weird way that annoying people love dolphins and Lisa Frank). So when we first went to the zoo in the freezing weather we vowed we would go back to see the Polar Bears and back we went. 

It was a fabulous day weather wise and K was in charge of the camera so naturally we got some excellent pictures...and lots of me pictures also. Take a gander. 

Basking in the sun. 

Making friends in the animal kingdom.

Thaas a roo mate. 

A tree kangaroo. I was pretty disappointed at the people in the zoo who couldn't read the sign about being quiet as they are vulnerable and this was an observation area. 

I had forgotten there are parts in Australia where the sheep are simply wandering around. They are kinda weirder than you'd think to pet. I did not include the picture where I looked a little frightened to touch a sheep....

Love the elephants. 

Yep, a totally real giraffe. 

Giraffe, zebra, ostrich, crane. Lion King, circle of life anyone? 

The sea lions really enjoyed the people exhibit too. They found it illuminating and were charmed that the keepers got them all to clap and cheer on command. The keepers expect they might have intelligent potential and are desperately trying to unlock it :) 

We love the zoo! 

And now the polar bear moments you've all been waiting for! 


Those paws are impressive. He wears giant gloves. 

Chillaxing (hey! that is an added word for Webster's latest edition ok)

He looks like he is growling but he isn't, just about to dive in. 

Coolest part is the laps that he does. Nobody knew he was going to do this and I just randomly picked this spot to stand. Yep, and then I saw a giant bear heading for my face. 

Done and Done. 

What do you think? Vote for K's Halloween costume? 

Another fun fact, here lies an egg that I once fit it. It is a little derelict and off the beaten path now, but a nice bit of "born and bred" Kansas City feel. See the original below. 

I am seven in this picture and wearing a fanny pack. 

And I'll leave you with that. 

These are our friends L & F. 

We love them tons and they packed up at a moments notice and threw together this picnic with us. 

We celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of cooler days. 

I spent 20 minutes this morning telling K all the things I want to do for Fall and we fully intend to invite these fabulous Kansas Citians along whenever we can:) 

Ok, if I am being honest most of the activities involve food. 

Happy almost Fall everyone, the season of eating AND the outdoors. Best...combination...ever. And jackets and soup, can we even have enough of those two things? I don't think so. Plus, every dessert is made of apples and cinnamon, nuff said.

It happens to be my favorite season of all time, so just be prepared for my serious enthusiasm. I work a lot this month, including traveling a week to a different state with my not-to-be named big important client. 

I have big hopes for October though.