Yesterday R and myself went out and got our little plant buddies that will be living on our deck this year.  Today I planted them, making a gigantic mess I hope didn't make too big of a mess on the deck below us when I was cleaning up!

This year we're revisiting the upside-down tomato thingy and the strawberry side-hole pokey planter (Pretty sure these are the trademarked names).  Last year I loved the tomatoes a little too much, and constantly over watered them... giving most of the ones in the middle and end of the season "stem rot".  And we started with only seeds in the strawberry planter... which never grew into anything at all, so at least we're already ahead of the game this year in that department!

We've also got some basil, rosemary, and thyme started in these little guys.

We tried some shady and half sun plants for the bottom pots this year, and hope they enjoy their time on our deck facing east into the forest.  Also, decided to try a sweet red pepper plant, second from the right.  Must not have gotten a closeup of that guy.

Nithya's favorite puppy statue protects the plants R will have to give you the name of.

We'll keep you posted on how everybody's doing as the season goes on.  I love this weather, and also bought some tennis balls today in hopes of getting R out on the court.  Can't wait to get a few more miles logged in my brand new bike jersey too... Maybe R has a pic she can upload of that?  
...hopefully not. haha


Hey everybody, K here!

First of all, I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the little people who made this possible... However, you've outdone yourself this time, Academy.  When R finally returned home from Tinseltown, she had apparently accepted an Oscar on my behalf! AWESOME! ...However, it appears I won an Oscar for BEST HUSBAND, something I haven't even become yet!  R was apparently very short and to the point in her acceptance speech, and the audience seemed to appreciate that with claps, smiles, and gentle outtro music... not even skipping a beat I'd been awarded an Oscar for something I am not!  I hate to expose the academy in this way, but I love little Oscar and he's going in the trophy case now.   THANKS!

In other news, I recently found out that R couldn't remember the last time she had an Easter basket.  I love baskets of candy and presents, so I decided that we would celebrate Easter for the sake of having a basketfuls of presents and candy! Yay!

When I was home sick last week, we rented Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 on Wii, and R loved it.  She admitted it was the first video game she's actually really enjoyed playing (Sorry Mario Kart, looks like you were living a lie this whole time.)  Anyway, I knew this had to be the centerpiece for R's basket.  I then found an actual Harry Potter Lego set, and threw that in among some candy, knowing the display on R's work desk could use another geeky, dorky trinket.
Jim Halpert Bobble-head, and Battlestar Frak mug... Meet Lego Harry Potter, Dobby and Lucius Malfoy

Yes, R may have gotten her basket early this year, but she's coming home every day this week to find several candy-filled eggs hidden all over the apartment by what must be some terrifying gigantic bunny.  It's the only explanation I can think of...

So the story is that I work with a bunch of wonderful people in LA. This past week I was lucky enough to travel there on business, right in to Hollywood. 

Here follows a pictorial journey of the fun stuff I did. 

We did the star walk. Naturally, the only star I took a picture of was the one I felt would get the biggest laugh from K. 

E and Sly, whom I was lucky enough to travel with, kindly didn't look away as I touristly took photos. Yes, touristly. 

Here is the famous Grauman's 

Clearly, this was also due to K's influence.....

I also almost missed the Kodak. It is hilariously surrounded by shopping malls and people dressed as spiderman crouching on trashcans. 

Have you ever seen Big? 


I was pretty excited too. 

This is Sly's fabulous view from her office window. I feel pretty jealous staring at psuedo carpet cube walls. Ah to be fabulous 

If you look closely you can spot the Beverly Wilshire  where we walked to a celebratory lunch one afternoon. I felt as though Richard Gere would sweep in to give me a giant cellphone and save my life.....or something :) 

It is a bit hazy, but you can see the Hollywood sign and all. 

Our first night we dined at La Loteria 

It was divine, fragrant rice, perfectly stewed beans, tender shrimp tacos. 

I felt pretty damn chic 

Alas, still not celebrities lurking in those dark corners. 

One afternoon we drove to Santa Monica, where the stars gather their Vitamin D. 

If only K were there to ride to beach-long board walk. 

We supped at the delicious Gladstones 

We are pretty happy sitting in the sunshine with Mojitos. 

However, we became much more deliriously happy when we got moved to a table next to the beach. We watched the sunset and basked in the glory of amazing food. 

I started with some New England chowder. Now, this was the one thing I didn't like so much, but that shows me for ordering this in CA. Duh R. 

Sly's Taco Salad. 

E's basil shrimp, goat cheese flat bread. 

Yes, it was a sandwich. But I swear, it was the best sandwich that has ever graced my mouth with its presence. Seared Ahi tuna with a house made Chile Harissa (i.e. delicious, crack sauce) with avacado, pickled red onion and spinach on a soft ciabatta roll. 

Seriously, even foodporn can't describe the magnitude of this sandwich. 

We even got a glimpse of a seal gamboling about in the water, I assume in joyous celebration of my sandwich. 

All in all, what a lovely trip to LA. 

Oh yeah, and I did work too :)