As promised, more updates of K and I going crazy for Fall. 

I had a nice surprise this Thursday when K had planned a fun date night. He made home-made pizza and  saved our Netflix movie to watch together (p.s. it was A Bug's Life).

He also went out and got many more pumpkins and a carving kit and we went to town on those poor suckers. 

What follows is our blurry excitement: 

K shows those pumpkin guts who's boss. 

We have a small apartment but that doesn't mean we can't make big messes. 

No, you're not mistaken I am in fact wearing my Hatfield Family Reunion shirt. I think I will start wearing it more as I move closer to a name change. 

I got the big un. 

You will soon be a magical wizard Mr. Pumpkin.

Somebody forgot to pose with his own pumpkin. 

The finale. 

I am currently roasting some root vegetables and feeling more fall-ish than ever. 
Eat more Honeycrisp everybody! 

Welcome back to the blog everyone!
"Celebrity Guest Blogger: K" here, and I have a lot of things to update on, so hold on tight!
R has been increasingly busy with work, but we're still finding time to play, and adventure.

First of all, if you haven't heard from any other form of social media, allow this blog to be your informant that.... (imagine a drumroll)

We are Engaged!


R and myself had been talking about this for a long time now.  Being the terrible secret-keeper that I am, R had been giving me a hard time that there is no way I could ever surprise her with a proposal....

Looks like the joke was on her!

I had been secretly talking with a jewelry craftsman on etsy (Luis Fernando) for months.... developing a conflict-free diamond, recycled white gold custom ring for her.  I loved his designs, and sent him a few pictures of what I had in mind, and he crafted the ring I knew would be perfect for R!

She had been out of town on a business trip for about a week, and I was going to pick her up from the airport upon her return.

So I stopped by our local flower shop, and made up a sign with her name on it like an airport limo driver.
Engagement surprise 2010 was in full swing when she walked off her plane and I met her at the gate.

As she walked through the gate, there I was with flowers and her ID sign.  She seemed excited to be home, and I told her "I have a surprise for you."  Then reached in my pocket and slowly pulled out..... Chocolate!

"Yay! Chocolate!" R said, thinking the surprise was over...

"I have another surprise!" I said, reaching into my other jacket pocket.  I pulled out the ring, and got down on one knee right there at the airport gate.
Airport Love
So I did get to surprise her, and we got to drive back home calling every family member we could think of.

Recently I've started calling R my "Wife-Elect" as she has won the election, but hasn't been sworn in yet.  Fiance is just sort of a weird word in general... J&K used "Beyonce" which was always fun, so I think I'm sticking with "Wife-Elect" because she still laughs every time I say it. Sounds like she's petitioning to call me the "soon to be first gentleman."


We have still been up to our KC Adventures with everyone around us.  Being a newly engaged couple hasn't slowed us down one bit!  Prior to the engagement, we went out to the hot air balloon festival with L&F.  We were there for the "Balloon Glow" portion of the festival, and got to walk right up to the baskets, talking to the pilots and everything as the fires roared above our heads.


There's a local Cupcake shop down the street from us called "Cupcakes Ala Mode", and boy oh boy are they delicious!  ...Wedding treats?  We stopped by a few weeks ago, and then hung out in the park to enjoy them together.  While in the park, how could we resist goofing around on the playground... HINT: we couldn't.


More recently, this past week we finally made it out to the pumpkin patch, and we were lucky enough to be accompanied by L&J and of course, Nithya.  The patch had a lot of fun stuff to do, and we did as much as we could, and then mad our way out to the most important part:  The pumpkin selection.
 Oink Oink!

Champion Punkin' Chooser
I've had a pretty good history of pumpkin carving, and excited about what we come up with this year!

We are still hitting up our favorite grocery, electronic, home improvement, toy, clothing supply store: Costco!
I first wanted to get a big giant teddy instead of couch pillows, and now it looks like R is finally on board as well!

That is all I have right now!  We've got a bunch more fun things planned in the coming weeks... Halloween is coming up, and we've been getting to spend a lot of time with our families celebrating the engagement!
Thanks to everyone for passing their excitement to us too!