We didn't spend our Leap Day weekend (?) with Leap Day William, but we did spend it with friends and fun. 

Thursday night K helped me make dinner (boo sickness) and we had some delicious Cooking Light recipes, Provolone and mushroom panini's with home made tomato basil soup. 

Delicious sick people food. 
P.S. if you want to see my pathetic sickness here is an example, although not from this week. 

 This is the way K takes care of me. What a stellar husband. 

Friday night, a celebration with SB and CD with Pizza and the new Cranium game. Woo!

 Oreos is not amused.....but still loves K and R. 

 K was excited by a beer called "Ska" something or other and was mainly fascinated with the box.

Saturday we had lots of fun taking Nithi swimming (hands too full for pictures:), talking to the fam on hangout and seeing Star Wars 3D with several of our awesome geeky friends. Do we have wholesome fun or what. 

Sunday was another good day with Mama K's birthday celebrations and a trip out for baby shower supplies (no pictures, theme is a surprise LP!) 

We also watched the Oscars and mainly I couldn't believe  how much before hand stuff there is, much more fun to see the interviews with the stars when they seem so much like real people. K made the whole awards thing better, however, with the introduction of picks sheets. On the line was Yogurtini if I won and Flight of the Concords Season 1 if he won. The result? A tie. 

Overall the awards were fine, I really liked the Cirque de Solei part, but the microphone mess made us slightly crazy the whole time. 

All in all, it was nice to have a weekend combination of relaxing and fun filled. Too much week, not enough weekend. Coming up, plans for a visit to San Francisco:)

Because I never use this blog for venting or any introspective writing anymore and I should. 

Figuring out your life as an adult is really scary sometimes, until you realize that everyone else is just making it up as they go along as well. So p.s. all you more grown up grownups out there, try showing your vulnerability sometimes; it is more reassuring to us less grown up grown ups because it lets us know that it is ok that we feel like we are always just flying by the seat of our pants and redoing our five year plan every other day. 

Thank goodness I've got this guy to do it with. 

So this post has mainly made me realize that I need to stop only taking pictures with my phone. What follows are all blurry and somewhat terrible pictures. Before I get to the actual content of this post here is your two week wrap up of our going ons:

This is my cutie pie husband (before he trimmed his beard recently, mountain man K!) and I at Po's Dumpling Bar. Thank you google offers, it was delicious.

Sesame noodles that my mom would have loved, as they had tons of nice bitter sesame paste in the sauce. They were pretty interesting. 

Here is a shot of what Valentine's looked like at our house. I got K some ice cream from Glace, he got me cupcakes from A La Mode and we went to Em Chamas. Stuffed Much?

Speaking of food, here is a delicious Turkish Feast that LP whipped up for us to enjoy on a Friday night spent with some of our favorite ladies:) K enjoys rolling around on the floor with Nithi quite a bit.

I also took a business trip this week, which I can't tell you anything about except: 
1. I had a 6 1/2 hour delay which made me very cranky and meant I got to my hotel night 1 at 2 a.m.
2. It was very awesome to see some of my coworks from all over the nation. 
3. Despite the Indianapolis location, they do have some pretty good food, especially at Adobo. Yum for mexican food. 


Ok, mostly this is an update about our weekend since we went fairly incognito. While we did get to enjoy our good friend CD's surprise b-day party, which was amazingly themed Star Wars and full of very fun people; we spent most of the weekend on home improvement. We decided we aren't going to move, we thought we would because there are some thing (amenities) that we don't like about our current place. But when things came right down to it, there was too much to lose in moving. Therefore, we decided what we had been craving was an upgrade and that we could achieve this through some grown-up living. Previous to this, all of our furniture save our couch had been either thrift store purchases or college give aways. While we have always been so grateful for the generosity that had brought us these items, many had fallen into disrepair. Plus, it gets pretty crowded with all those little pieces of furniture which could be replaced by something more functional. Enter a redo!

It took us all weekend to shop, purchase, set up and clean the whole place but it was worth it in the end.

There aren't many pictures of what our set up used to look like but they are below 

The after photos are below. These are the double culprit of being blurry and before sun came up. But the new pieces included: 
Bedside tables and chest for the bedroom
Floor Lamp
TV Stand 

In exchange we got to get rid of: 
Besides tables and dresser in bedroom
4 bookcases
1 rickety tv stand 

We feel very luck that we get to make these kinds of purchases and had fun doing it. One more step toward feeling like grown ups, good thing we always have the kid inside:)

Sometimes I have a hard week, like last week. A hard week includes me being whiny and clingy and not very excited to go to work. Those times my wonderful husband agrees to take me out to sushi, which he doesn't really like, because my lovely friend BB is in India. It was delicious and did quench my need for a date. K was even excited to try an Alligator roll. Basically my husband is amazing and way too nice to me.

 K got what he wanted last week as well as he found Chocolate Ale after a large morning search. SunFresh followed through and sold him four bottles, one of which we got to drink. It was yummy, potent, and fun to be in on the search.

By the weekend everything was happy though and we had a great SuperBowl party, naturally I don't have any pictures of it. I made some amazing chili though, which included chipotles in adobo sauce, a mild dark beer, unsweetened chocolate and smoked sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious as was all the other food our good-natured, cramped guests brought:) I can borrow one picture from SW, which show cases the window crayons we bought for Miss Nithi to use and which K of course used more. 

We are looking forward to a V-day date at Em Chamas this week, hope you have a happy one too:)