Back again, for an update on the lives of K and I. 
Recently  it has been my birthday month and man has it been a doosey. I got utterly spoiled and our bank account lost several pounds as I got to do so much fun stuff. 

K also got to have his bachelor party as well this month. Although he came home from paintball with some bruises and there were a pair of mystery man underwear found at the lake house, I believe all parties had tons of fun :D
BB babysat me while I had nowhere to be so I also had fun going to Beer Kitchen and Firefly Lounge (did I mention the part about my wallet groaning this month, yikes!)

In terms of my own celebrations we first celebrated a good review from my job with  a trip to the plaza. We ate at Brio for brunch, which was delicious. 

K drank sparkling water and felt like a champ. 

We also went to Urban Outfitters, which I believe we have somewhat outgrown, as most of the clothes made us laugh with their extreme hipsterness and total lack of purpose.

I can't say it wasn't fun to really try to reach our inner hipsters. 

We capped off the night with a date of watching Inception and making nachos:) 

We had so many fun dates this month it is difficult for me to relate them all, but I know there were several others in there, in which we ate Mexican food with some old friends, meet some new coworkers from India  etc,

I had several other actual celebrations, including two birthday celebrations and a birthday dinner. 
Number one was an excellent party that BB threw for me, a beer scavenger party which was full of fun people, excellent food, a giant costco cake and much dancing with the Xbox Kinect. 

Thanks everyone who came for all the delicious and interesting beer. 
P.s. dear readers, beware the delicious costco cake. Its volumes of butter cream icing and layer of vanilla mousse will tempt you with its giantness, but there will be leftovers which will possibly make you sick and definitely make you fatter. 

K also took me out to Grunauer (groan, groan wallet) for an excellent birthday dinner on my actual birthday. I had no idea I love German food but I do. It is so funny, when you are a kid you hate things that are full of vinegar and mustard (or at least I did) but that is what I love now for sure. 

Finally, I also got to go to Marmi and Papa R's for a birthday lunch of delicious chipotle shrimp tacos and blueberry peach crisp. We got to visit with these lovely persons before they left on a jet plane to Budapest and while also catching up with LP and company after they got back from India. My family is so international, considering LH and company just got back from Ireland/London as well, exciting! 

I also got some excellent b-day presents that will very much help me in the winter months to come. K got me some ROCKIN boots which will become my uniform because I love wearing boots so much. Marmi and Papa R also helped me get this amazing down coat that I found on clearance from Soia&Kyo, and I will never have a freezing tush again!

 See, I told you I got totally spoiled this month. I have no idea what is so special about year 24, but apparently we just needed to live it up for a while. Now it is back to the grindstone of working out, cooking at home and eating more vegetarian, whew.
 In wedding news, the dress is done. It isn't completely sewn together as I am on the road to losing weight and will hopefully be a little more successful in two months, at which time we will sew the final seams. I did get to try it on though and I am so happy. I love that my mother so lovingly stitched this thing together, it makes it a magical dress to me, not to mention that it is pretty gorgeous anyway:) 

KR also got to come up for the weekend and we spent a fun if fruitless day shopping for a bridesmaids dress. We are burdened by choice as there is no bridesmaid "dress" for these nuptials, but I'm sure we can get her something fun in the end. 

I'll be spending this month trying to accomplish some of the last wedding crafts as next month I'm getting married (!!) and there is something every single weekend, whew. We will also be participating in the BikeMS 2 weeks from Saturday so wish us luck and donate to K if you feel so inclined.