We are so relishing our opportunities to basically spend all our time (when not working) doing whatever we want. This is such a great city to do that in cause geez there is always something going on. Although I hear that when the winter rolls around all that slows down but I don't really have an issue with that as soon I won't be able to waddle as far. 

It is hard to tell there is a bump from this picture, but it is also harder to take a picture of yourself than you'd think, especially when you have a ginormous phone that is difficult to hold in one hand. 

I am basically just now getting to the point where I am noticeably fatter mostly in my stomach rather than just sort of getting chubbier everywhere. Although, I am still calling it that I don't look pregnant, just fatter. Most of the time it doesn't register for me that I look any different, until I try to put on some clothes and then it hits home. Ah well, all for a good cause eh;) 

We did at least get some exercise in this weekend. We walked all over the place, first on Saturday at the Chalk art festival which was very cool. They had three zones across downtown, one of which had a stage and another with a featured 3D artist. 

We had never even been to this little Centennial Square, with its cool fountain. 

Stopped for some delicious pizza as a lunch date. We accidentally ate out a lot this weekend but deemed it worth it. 

Cutest husband ever

For all you cat lovers out there 

3D in progress. 

The portraits were amazing

Sunday we hit up the grand opening of our permanent public market and it was so cool! Right now it is mainly just places to eat as they haven't gotten it completely set up, and the Farmer's Market portion is only on Wednesdays, but I'm thrilled they got this going. It reminds me of the Pier in San Francisco on a much smaller scale. So enjoyable, and a super delicious place for lunch. My little hipster heart was loving the fresh bread and goat cheese that I got and I made some of the best sandwiches ever with it later that night. 

The Salt Spring Island goat cheese stall. Amazing stuff and lots of free samples = a win

K even got to try some goats milk ice cream and it was delicious.

He was the most excited for the chicken pot pie from the Pie Co. 

I chose a sandwich from Roast, the place where delicious smells are born. 

Roast beef with onion jam and chimichurri sauce.

So yes, we spent most of the weekend walking and eating and it was a wonderful combination. 

Yesterday I got off work so excited about how it smelled and felt like Fall (how has this become a thing we make fun of girls for? For shame all you cynics, I've always loved Fall and I'm not stopping now) that we immediately declared the need for Soup and Halloween Candy (alright this one was my pregnant body, that has wanted Halloween candy since about two weeks ago). 

The Hot and Cold Cafe was an adorable and very home made little shop down in Cook Street Village and the perfect place for half a corned beef sandwich and a bowl of Chicken Pozole. Yum 

Cap that off with a blanket nest and a movie with my love and I'm a happy lady. 
One who may or may not have convinced her husband it wasn't too weird to put up the Halloween decorations already...I didn't make him do the window cling though so the neighbors still don't know how crazy I am. 

You guys, the Saanich Fair was so much fun. This is only a fraction of the pictures I took and they were all on my cellphone so just sorry but I'm not. I really couldn't help but capture all the cuteness I could. It was the most wholesome thing I've done in a long time. We stayed for five and a half hours and it was the perfect labor day celebration. Feast your eyes! 

 The setting is pretty awesome all by itself. 

Really big bunnies! 

 The world's most perfect duck. 

 Scary giant chickens! 

 The little kid crafts were amazing and crazy. I only put in a tiny fraction of what was displayed because even when I was actually there it was overwhelming. 

 Cute, perfect eggs. 

 Miniature horses, yeah there were tons of them. 

 A goat judging! 

 Crazy furry alpacas. 

 Found in the vendors tents. This was my mother's cure all "Put some salve on it" Never in my adult-hood have I seen this stuff, but I still couldn't get myself to spend $16 bucks on it. I assume Mom never spent even a fraction of that on it in my youth. 

 Yum, we ate (don't judge): mini doughnuts from the Shiner's Cafe, a hungarian Langos , a German braughtwurst, and Lebanese vegetarian plate/schwarma wrap. 

Good food ya'll. Things we didn't even sample, Greek, Polish, Phillipino, and much of the typical fair food. 

 K with a GIANT turkey. 

 Hard to see but the Victoria Highland Dance Associate had adorable girls dancing in kilts and sailor uniforms all day. So cute. 

 Freshly sheared sheep. 

 My Dad, from the seventies, with a cow. Yes, I mainly took this picture to show my Dad that his youthful fashion has come back around. 

 Baby cows. 

 Even the pigs are cute, and only smelled a little bit.  

 Donkeys were the theme of the fair this year and they enjoyed their little celebrity tent very much. 

 The carnival games side etc. 

 Baking room. K contends that I need to compete in this. 

 The flows you can grow here are crazy and Dhalia's are the crowned princes of the show. 

 Umm that is a zucchini.  

 I was ecstatic and K was again mystified as to what exactly will get me excited to participate. 

A majestic stallion to round the whole thing off. If you're still here, congratulations. 

The bump had some fun too (I think).