What a 2nd year we have had. We weren't newly weds anymore, but there were so many parts of our lives that we started in this second year. 

Here are some things I learned being married to my wonderful husband over the past year:

1. Patience: I've still got quite a bit to go on this, but I already know that I've learned to just wait a bit because his calm influence

2. Kindness: I've never met a more compassionate person and while I still have to try to be kind, it is more effortless thanks to his example

3. Joy: Simply put I enjoy life a lot more, and enjoy being me more, because with K we prioritize letting go and living in the ways that WE define.

So many big things happened this year, not the least of which included moving to Canada and finding out we are having a baby. I can't wait for year three.

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Holy cow, what a weekend in Vancouver. This year we celebrated Thanksgiving (ok, Canadian Thanksgiving) and our 2 year wedding anniversary, with a customary trip. We are only just now starting to appreciate the fact that we are only a ferry ride away from Vancouver and Seattle. 

As usual we ran ourselves a bit ragged, but it was totally worth it. A large photo dump ensues (not counting the pics from K's camera, ya know, all the ones of me:)  

 The park up in Spanish Banks, it is very odd to be on the beach looking up on all sides at a huge city. How beautiful to have all this natural space though.

 We took a maiden voyage to Ikea, as we had both never been. We were in there...three hours. It was very fun and exhausting but since we did the age ol family tip of getting there right when it opened, it was very stress free. We picked up a couple things (the baby stuff was also exciting) but unfortunately the one piece of actual furniture that we wanted was out of stock. The fates smiled upon me today though, as they offered free shipping to celebrate Thanksgiving so we get it anyway.

Ok, so this was a big reason I was really excited about Vancouver. I know, I know but forgive a pregnant lady who really just needed some Chipotle because for some crazy reason they don't have one on the island. Soo delicious. There were tiny differences from American Chipotle (cheese and sour cream were not the actual mexican kind) but it definitely scratched an itch. K may or may not have had two burritos:) 

Perfect season to go, the tree everywhere were beautiful. 

Umm this is how we take photos of ourselves? We got dressed up to have an anniversary dinner, then forgot to take photos, then we were so tired we didn't care. 

Breakfast Sunday at Jethro's fine grub was delicious. I did some good research as I love breakfast but we have to find something that has good no egg alternatives for K and we hit a jackpot. 

TK, these are your kind of pancakes. I have never seen pancakes this size. There are two under there. I didn't even eat like...1/4 of them. They are covered in bananas and pecans.

This is also the first time we have found Chicken Fried Steak in Canada. Everyone we've talked to on the island has never heard of it, but lo and behold they did serve it here. They didn't have white gravy, but K still loved it. 

Yeah, you have to take home your leftover pancakes in these pizza boxes they give you. It still weighs like 2 pounds. 

Then we went to the aquarium, which was very fun and worth it. K has most of the pictures from this but our favorites included the Jelly Fish invasion they had going on, the sea otters, the beluga wales and the giant octopus. We always end up going to either an aquarium or a science museum at all the big cities we visit and are never disappointed. 

A sloth! 

We didn't get to explore much of Stanley Park but it is so beautiful and impressively large I know we'll be going back. 

Then we spend the whole scary afternoon in the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I should mention I am pretty afraid of heights, but I tell you what I did "every walk on a scary high thing over nothingness" in that park. I hope my Ma is proud:) It was very expensive, but with one trip we have a year's membership apparently, so if anybody wants to come visit and take a trip to Vancouver, we have something to do.

Yep, this scary swinging (crowded) bridge hangs of a river canyon. I made it over...twice. I was very sweaty after this afternoon. 

I even took a hand off the rail (and the wad of K's sweatshirt I clung to) and stopped to take a picture of him. 

There were more swinging bridges on a treetop walk where, as K put it, you can live like the Ewoks and walk among the trees. Beautiful views, but I admit I glared hard at anyone that tried to go the opposite direction at the same time as me on those tiny one person bridges. 

There was a "Nature's Edge" walk that had some beautiful spots. 

And then, for some reason, everyone decided to build a big long path that hangs over nothing and is simply bolted to the side of a sheer rock face. Let's make the floor see through in places too! 

Ok, it was beautiful, but there isn't that much that I remember as I was mostly concentrating on not swearing in front of children. 

It is hard to get this impression, cause it looks like "oh, just K is on the scary part" but no, those stairs? There is also nothing underneath them. The whole path just hangs there...

After my heart rate dropped, we did a little shopping (Star Wars has become so mainstream now, we glimpsed this in Pottery barn Kids) and then we hit up the best place so far, Granville Island. 

It is this bizarre and awesome little artists/shopping district on a little island under a big bridge. They have a huge public market, lots of vendors and charming lights. 

My favorite meal, at Edible Canada , where I had the best West Coast Clam Chowder I've ever had. I have no idea what makes it West Coast, but it was not thick or fatty at all and was super delicious. 

 K had an also delicious roasted squash, beet and quinoa salad. 

The market, yum and awesome. We might have also gotten some snacks here. 

Pepperoni sticks are very big here in CA. K is into this. I had an un-pictured rosemary and sea salt bagel. 

K also got to go to a brewery, always on his list while travelling. 

Well that was it. We took the late night ferry home and crashed. Vancouver is awesome and we look forward to going back. 

Next up, Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween and a trip back to KC.