There is a place where random photos go to never be seen again. 

K's phone. 

(From our first day living in Canada) 

If you were wondering where all the photos of me are, they are all there too. Generally, it is a relationship that I agree with, but K complains that I only post/take pics of him so here is a nice little dump that K gave you all. In a mainly random order. 

From our hike up Mt. Finlayson early on

From my birthday trip to the museum. Fruit smoothies help first trimester ladies. 

When I bought K an ice cream cake for my birthday...and let the people are work eat half of it:) 

When K let us get apple cider donut holes at the Saanich Fair! 

From the chalk art festival

From our hike this weekend. K saw this pic and said "you're sticking that out" 

I Said "What you want me to suck it in" 

Then we remembered we hadn't even taken a real side pic in a while. 18 weeks and we hiked for 2 1/2 hours, not that bad. 

Tree across the trail and preggo can't get over it. (P.S. this didn't work, I had to crawl under, everybody is ok) 

Thus ends K's phone pictures. We also had a pretty awesome weekend. Saturday we had a picnic in Beacon Hill Park and a small shopping trip to buy some brand new, quality pans! We still had the old hand me downs from our college days and I felt the flaking teflon was probably toxic so we made a small investment and K ensured his future of hot meals. Sunday we took a big hike in Goldstream Park which is one of my happiest places and it was sunny and wonderful. 

Next weekend is our trip to Vancouver and we'll be sure to equally take pictures of each other and all the.....let's be honest, food. 

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  1. Gah! You are just so cute-- I love seeing all these pics of my beautiful and hilarious sis. :)