Anyone that is planning on visiting us in KC should be prepared to be bullied into a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse.

Man is it fun. We have been experiencing it all week during their re-opening. The food has been half price, the tickets have been $2 and the atmosphere is awesome. 

K saw Big Labowski with CD. They approved of the props and white russians (although the service was lacking that day, it was great the rest of the time and it must be said that this is the point of a soft open--to get all the brand new staff up and running).

We saw Jurassic Park the next day.  We sat in the rumble seats and marvelled at how well that movie has stood the test of time. 

Last night we topped it all off with Ghostbusters on the original 35mm film. So awesome. 

 No commercial previews! Only awesome and sometimes funny pre-showing of old film. 

Their no talking/texting policy is both completely approved and hilariously presented. The posters totally impressed K (this being pronounced his favorite poster OF ALL TIME ) and the new bar is impressive and cozy. 

What a fun week of dates:) 

 This weekend was full of fun and nothing particularly awesome. I love those weekends. 

Unremarkable but wonderful things that happen in my life. 

I made my husband breakfast in bed and we watched 30 Rock after we woke up at about 9. 

 We spent the delicious weather walking around on the plaza. It has been a while since we've been out there and we didn't blow alot of money, then used a Groupon for lunch and sampled some delicious beer. It felt like the old days when we had nothing to do but just walk around and not spend money:) 

 We got to visit with little S, who is getting cuter by the second and has really started showing his giggly, happy little personality.

 K is glad he is getting more substantial as he no longer feels like he might accidently break the baby:) 

Not pictured, we spent the night huddled up while I cooked beef stew and drank mulled wine.

Another step on our journey to not spending money happened when we did NOT buy an Ipad. This was good news as we are really going to try to take advantage of a trip to AU to see the parents next year and that means moolah. My excellent sister and her husband swooped in and solved K's problem by offering up an HTC tablet, and K loves it! It fulfills all his tablet needs. 

Thanks family! 

This morning I had to scrape my car, and while I am loathe for that activity to continue, I am kind of psyched for cold weather. Luckily, we chose excellent activities to match the weather as this will be a long week of cheap movies at the Alamo grand reopening with friends.  We'll also be getting ready for Thanksgiving and a big trip to Boulder next week. Hurrah!

Let me clarify this. I didn't really start liking sports. But I did start liking watching Sporting KC soccer. 

The boys were nice enough to let me come to their man date at The Gaf. We did lose, but it was still really fun and a pretty exciting game toward the second half. 

 Fish and chips were eaten....ya know in the girl way where I give all my fries to K and pick the breading off the fish. What? Some of us have some love weight to lose. 

 C taught me to use the low light setting on my phone. 

 We communed with our community. 

This is before C started pouting about our loss. 

Who knew, I totally cared about this game for at least an hour.

For some reason weekends feel more relaxing if we don't have planned things to do...even if we end up doing just as much as we normally plan to do. 

This is what this weekend was like. 

We had an unplanned awesome time Friday night with C on his lonesome. 

 Haus is delicious AND we had a groupon = winning.

We watched Brave Little Toaster and Duck Tales, in case you didn't catch my live tweeting of the event. 

I love these boys and how much they love each other:) 

We also had a lovely Saturday avoiding our house while the pipes were worked on. We saw Wreck it Ralph and loved it. I'm not afraid to admit we both cried....what? 

I got to take a nap, chat with my family AND go out to another free dinner (hello gift cards, in fact, we had a free weekend all weekend except for groceries at Costco). 

Sunday I got to have dinner with my sis LP for her birthday, delicious sushi. I didn't take any pictures but is was lovely. A far cry for the balloon living room of our childhood but everyone grows up:) 

Other random things: 

You know how some people are great photographers and have expensive equipment and an eye for style and are always making style boards and what not? 

Ya, you do. You spend time online just like me. 

Anyway, here is my version. 

Yeah, that is me taking a picture of myself in the public restroom at work. This was because my fabulous friend from LA sent me her cute outfit and I said, I did Fall today too! 

Caption "So what, I can dress up flannel, cause I'm bold!" 

Sorry I'm not style inspiring everyone. Thank you all for being interesting on the internets so I can pin your stuff:) 

Also, No Shave November is upon us. This is my least favorite time of year. I love my husband and his beard and I highly detest scratchy two day "stubble". I have very sensitive skin. 

 So desperate I tried to convince him to just keep a mustache at least. 

Boo to this whole process. He is still cute though huh? 

It freaks me out because he looks like the teenager I was "friends" with from down the street again. 
Thank goodness he is the manliest though and his beard grows super fast.