So, this post isn't about monsters but it appropriately enough has a lot of photos taken in the dark. Sometime soon, I'm going to get smarter people to teach me how to take better pictures in the dark. In the meantime, however, you'll just have to settle for my blurry, grainy moments. 

Back to the title, we are squeezing in at just under a month since the last post. We have been doing better with taking pictures though, so at least we have lots to say. 

This is a random (see: Monster, a word that is conveniently analogous to many things) account of the rest of our summery happenings. 

Number one: We went to the drive-in and it was my first time. It was very fun but pretty late on a Friday night. We saw Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens (which I only saw about ten minutes of before I was a goner).  
Luckily we have K's car, which is a perfect bed to cover in blankets and peanut shells. 

Ok, those were the worst pictures; I thought I would start with low expectations. Despite my terrible photography, it was very fun. 

In other news, K has been put on Morning shift, which means we have tons more time together. Already the weekends are better, as he is done by 9 or 10 a.m., so we have the whole weekend. The first weekend, we ended up mostly veg-ing out and cleaning. Here you see K partaking of some Shark Week on Netflix after we supped on some frozen pizza like real 'mericans. 


This weekend, however, we have been putting the time to some better use. We have already had fun playing a live trivia game as The Brick with BB (one person, two awesome initials) and friends. We held our own against some serious regulars and had fun eating The Memphis. We also had some late night sausage (don't be gross)  at Grunauer

Yesterday we rode our bikes up to the River City Market and back (a nice 20 mile ride, yay training). 

Later, BB came over and her and I made spring rolls and sushi. 

I feel like we did a pretty good job, especially since we made our own peanut sauce that was not too shabby and our own tamagoyaki which we served with grilled eel. 

Speaking of cooking, K has been holding his own this week in the cooking department. 
This could be because he is sick of my tricks. I may or may not have assembled what I told him was a casserole, but was really a strata. I put all sorts of tempting and delicious ingredients in it, knowing full well he hates eggs. 

I thought perhaps the egg thing was mainly mental, but at least he got to prove he isn't just a whiner:) Even though he suffered through several iterations of eating this before fessing that he hated it (don't get me wrong, I gave him ample opportunity to say he did not like it but he refused) I think he decided to start taking more of the cooking on. 

Out of inspiration was born two different baked products from scratch! First up was a delicious no red sauce squash and chicken pizza. Even though his yeast wouldn't foam, he made it through with a nice (if squat) pizza. 


He was also inspired to make peanut butter cookies from scratch. 

Why, you ask? Because a very exciting thing happened, we got our first wedding present! The oft mentioned BB sent us our very own mixer and man were we excited. I even waiting until 11 to open it with K when he got home, which was fully documented. 

In other wedding news, things are coming together nicely. K had a meeting with the caterer, also known as Papa K, so we are right on track to a supremely fun day. I also found the last fabric we were looking for (projects of secret decorating). 

Tomorrow I'll have one of my last fittings for my wedding dress with Marmi, who has amazingly pretty much finished. She spent all summer and some of spring diligently working on this and I am excited and grateful:) 

In random news, we have had lots of new neighbors (one of which apparently rejected their stove, which sat outside for about a week, haha!) 

All this moving has got me itching to move as well, so if you know of a great place in KC that is a decent price and isn't north of Roeland park or south of the Triangle, let me know. We still like living basically in the city (not Downtown, but close enough to it and the plaza and westport). 

Also, I finally got to meet some of my team members at work from India. They brought me this awesome good luck figure (the elephant, not all the rest of my wacky desk ornaments) as well as some spices etc. to make Indian cuisine, which I'm sure you'll see in the coming posts. 

Until next time, I'm getting excited for Fall!