This is what K did Tuesday while I was at work. He is the real reason we are fun. While I was at work he made up this little masterpiece. While he was at work I read about agile programming and requirements writing....

You know you love it. 

Things are busy here at the R & K residence. We have opposite schedules so there is a lot less goofing around, but it also makes the time we have a lot more precious. 

I started my new job and I am awash in information. I can't talk much about job things because we are very important and involved in confidential-type things but I love it so far and am excited to start working with my team:) 

K is also working tons, because the news never sleeps, but is loving some new challenges and training he is getting as well. We are such big kids. 

In lieu of pictures from work (it doesn't happen a lot), here is a random amalgamation of the other things we've been doing. 

Number One: Please excuse this picture quality, as I was driving during the shot, but can you believe this sunset? 

Number Two: As part of K's continuing b-day rituals, we hosted a man day with D. After a delicious night of mexican food and board games with a larger crowd of excellent people, D got to try out the futon and service of the R & K little kingdom. The boys played some vintage video games while I made them food like their moms used to and they were delighted in true boy fashion as you can see. 

Don't let those poses fool you, they were giddy like school girls. 

Also, we got to enjoy lunch with K's cutie-pie grandma to finally bring an end to the celebrations. 

Thus, K's birthday month went out with a bang. Next up, my birthday month--> there better be some serious shenanigans planned is all I'm saying :) 

Number Three: K is the best man ever and has stayed true to his word. With my employment comes a time when there will be more equal sharing among domestic tasks, something I have never before experienced. He cleans, he cooks, he helps with the laundry, he sorts and pays the bills, this is a true renaissance man people. I am floored by the cheerful and unasked for participation and love my "modern" relationship. Witness how cute we are making a meal we planned for, shopped for and cooked together. 

Luckiest. Girl. In. The. World. 

K turns 24 in a week and we got our celebrate on, as we usually do, with multiple festivities. 

First, he insisted on getting his present as soon as he woke up, hence the picture of me in my general bed repose (yes, I realize I may have a problem, but my laptop and I have a serious relationship) 

Then we got to go to K's restaurant of choice, the meat place. Once he found out what Fogo de Chao was all about he requested a birthday dinner there, so we've been planning for the trip for several months. We generously received sponsorship and got to partake of the deliciousness with our lovely relatives LP and JP. 

Yep, we're pretty cute. It was a fantastic night and lived up to K's dream of what a true meat palace should be. 

We also got to celebrate the good news (I got a job!) yesterday with a matinee and a visit to LP's to play with Nithi. We saw Inception, which I thought was very cool and loved Marion Cotillard in not to mention  being blown away by the special effects. Then commenced some horsing around with Nithi. 

I love my family. 

It is true. Figuring out how to be an adult is complicated. Having somebody there to help you figure it out is really nice. 

Even when sometimes you are cranky at that person and other times they get cranky at you. Sometimes, it is still so awesome that you figure everything out anyway. 

p.s. Please, please good job fairies, we could use some sparkly dust...or something:) 

My life is full of sweet moments.
I will tell you about them.

My dear, brilliant, loving mother had her birthday and it was a sweet family day. I made a pie that I forgot to take pictures of, which is ok because it wasn't very pretty. My mom is the best lady and she deserves all the happiness. 

My sweet man came along too and always remains stoicly un-outgirled despite the heavy female attendance in my fam. 

We have had many visitors to our new place, and we still enjoy being able to finally host some people. Things have slowed down enough that we sometimes occupy the same space at the same time, and even during more normal hours! We loved having H over and the sweet mangoes she brought us. 

Later, I made sweet blueberry muffins with the blueberries K bought us at the farmer's market. It was so nice that I got to give them out to everyone we love, K's Mom, Grandma and Aunt and our own bodacious friends B, KR, and L&F (the initials get less and less relevant, but it remains a tidy way to anonymously give shout outs:) We are so lucky to have such sweet moments with them all. 

And as always, the reining cutie has to be my niece Miss Nithi. She may be getting more willful and wild by the minute as she enters her toddler phase, but it is still just a flood of sweet moments with that one too.