Oooohiii dear readers. It has been a while since I have updated. I have a couple good excuses which include moving, unpacking, travelling again for work and just generally trying to set up in a new country. 

It is still fun and beautiful here, but I'm not going to lie to everyone, I went back to KC this week and it made me miss it terribly already. Also, when you move to a different country you very quickly start to appreciate when you life was knew how to get places, you knew what the options were, you didn't have to deal with signing up for anything basically. The point is, gloriously easy life washed back over me bringing with it the family and friends that we left behind and darn it if it didn't make me a little bit sad. 

However! We sally forth and continue to appreciate our new home. 

So for pictures I will just go chronologically over the really random things I apparently decided to take pictures of recently: 

1.  We ventured off to Walmart on the bus (a long bus ride to get out to the suburbs but ALACK! deodorant is $3 there and suddenly we can afford things. Who knew it would take a move to Canada for us to appreciate the terrible convenience and price of the big box stores). K super loved that it was a two story one, with a cart escalator:)


2. I got to catch My Oh My's show on Monday back in KC and it was thrilling to get to see my good friends SW and GB rocking it out:) 

3. There was BBQ had, under the guise of getting K some rub etc. we ventured to Okie Joe's. Delicious. Let me tell you, they are trying hard here in Canadia but we went to a BBQ place...and they are doing it wrong. 

4. Got to go out to Voltaire for some celebrations with GB and BB and it was glorious. What a lovely end to a KC trip. 

5. And of course, I got to see the cuties again. This guy has been walking all over the place, but upon seeing the camera...promptly sat down, of course. 

This weekend will be a holiday weekend, yay. There is a symphony splash event where the symphony plays on a barge out in the harbour at night and I am pretty pumped for that. 

So for the past week it has been a little bit heads down for me while I get started at my new job. What an undertaking, but since this is a lifestyle thing I won't bore anybody with the details. 

We've also been taking some time to explore this city of ours. Without a car, steps have been gotten, ya'll. Which is good, because as we are still in temporary housing we don't have as much leeway to cook at home and have been selectively sampling some of the local eats.

Fish and chips from our favorite place (so far) Red Fish, Blue Fish. Yeah, it is as monstrous as it looks. Mine is a "Red Dog" i.e. salmon while K likes the ole' fashioned cod. 

There are also some more fun fruits to try here. First experience with DragonFruit.

Here are some more reasons we love it so far.

We stumbled on the Gay Pride Parade and it was super fun.

This is impossible to see but that is a Bald Eagle in Beacon Hill Park.

K always, always loves the ducks.

The old guys get together to race their remote controller boats in this pond.

This is the prettiest police station I've ever seen.

We went to the Royal Athletic Park this weekend and saw our local Highlanders girls soccer team whoop up 7 to nothing in a very fun game. And as usual, we went down to the beach and felt revived and refreshed by the sea air.

Only two more days until we are in our place for real and we are sooooo excited. 

Canada Day was a whir of walking and food and crowds and general fun having. We experienced the first crowd we ever have here in our relatively small city and got to partake of some food truck bliss. K saw a guy with a water powered jet pack and I got to see a fireworks display over the harbour. Magical. 

Breakfast at our local British-style coffee/deli. 

A charming local bookstore. 

The crush of people. P.S. If you'd like to show some Canadian spirit the thing to do is wear a flag like a cap, stylish and a statement :) 

The local artists, a second stage and a whole circle of local food vendors. K scored a print and we both ate some delicious foods. 

They had a huge stage going all day with local dancers, musical groups etc.

You can apparently book this as an experience, in case anyone needs a present idea for K:) 

Delicious Tacos 

 Pulled Pork Poutine from The Pig. Thank goodness for all the walking ya'll. 

Dinner from a Filipino food truck. Sooo good and K loved it as well. 

The Parliament all lit up. 

All in all, a great and tiring day and pretty stunning way to get oriented to this awesome country. 

The following few days we have mainly been trying to get our life here together, which is pretty complicated. Don't even get me started on how it is much more difficult to get a cellphone than it is to get an SIN here. However, we still get to spend our days walking around in the perfect weather, enjoying the sunshine and seeing more of our town. 

Forgive the fact that I'm posting more photos of the park near us but it is still amazing that we walked through this again and found more fountains and alcoves that we hadn't seen before.

Turtles basking in the sun. 

Ate lunch near this pond covered in lily pads and surrounded by adorable ducks and dragonflies.

Some more scenes from the beach near our place.  

We also stopped by and set up some internet (yay!) and K got to see how his print will look in our new place. Yay #2 for the fact that it is currently getting painted:)