We have been packing in the fun stuff, so once again I only have a highlight of all the things we've been doing. I'm glad we are packing in some excellent summer happenings before we have to spend probably about 3 weeks moving. 

We've been getting to spent some time with CB and her husband NJ. They have some cute kids, a really nice pool and just a ton of general awesomeness. Here is K playing kinect with one of her kiddos, who is much better at it than either of us. (Blurry cell phone, woohoo)

We participated in a volunteer night for BikeWalkKC to build some commuter bikes that will eventually be installed all over kansas city, similar to the zip car concept. It was fun getting to hang out with fellow bike nerds and get back to volunteering. We are hoping to do more with the organization and others.  

BB had the excellent idea to attend the Kansas City public library's Off the Wall summer movie series and it was great. It is a free event, among the great downtown KC view. They hold the movies on the rooftop and we had fun attending Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was funnier than I remembered, probably because it is a better group movie, especially when we went with some people who has never seen it and who were loving it. 

As you can see we attended our first Sporting KC game and it was really fun. I have to rate it my favorite sporting experience in Kansas City. It is more interesting than the Royals (sorry baseball fans) and less crazy than the Chiefs games (sorry again). But really? They shot confetti on the field every time a goal was scored, and because everywhere in the stadium is so close, it rains down on you. How fun is that? K was so excited he basically had joy shooting out his eyeballs (see above picture). 

Whew, not pictured are a few other fun things we've been doing: Dinner with Ms. Nithi and LP, A great happy hour at McFadden's for our friend SW's birthday, Camping with BB and her bf Beard (see K's blog for those pics), a pool party at CB's. 

Upcoming in our lives: DJing a Wedding, maybe some berry picking, a baby shower in Bloomington, Indiana and moving. The more distant future is generally getting excited for Baby Squinky's arrival and my parents visiting from Australia!

So I've been encouraged to continue to blog, despite the fact that K has a new blog that has much better photos than my terrible little cell phone photos:) Since I'm still in charge of chronically the every day for us, however, I'll carry on. 

We've been welcoming in Summer like a crazy circus. Things have been shaking up and we officially have a place to move to and some interesting job stuff on the horizon. We'll be moving in July sooo if you've got extra boxes and live in KC, save them for us? 

While we will miss our neighborhood, we are moving to a small house (just renting) which will give us a little more room and some more freedom to do things like entertain and host guests and cook outside:) 

It is going to be pretty difficult to not just buy up a bunch of stuff, however, our bank account will keep us in check and in the mean time we will do what we always do: Dream big and buy nothing:) 

Here are some shots of K being cute while we dream shop for couches.

 In terms of fun things we have been doing you can check out the aforementioned K's blog for an update on our water activities, but we also rode the Tour de Brew lately. While I don't feel like I learned as much as I should have about the historical sites, we had a ton of fun with CD and it was a perfect day for the ride.

The after party was at Knukleheads which was great to see and we hope to go back someday, maybe we will commandeer a motorcycle friend to go with us for cred:) 

I'm sure we'll have many more rides this summer as we get ready BikeMS in September. K and CD are leading the front on a team this year so it should be pretty involved and extra fun. I'm sure you'll all see our annoying please donate links soon:) 

Upcoming things: We are volunteering this Wednesday  which should be fun in you're in the area and in to biking:) There is a camping trip planned for this weekend that we are stoked about and we are Dj'ing a friend's wedding coming up in June which should be fun. I'll try to keep things updated between K's blog and this one to keep track of this whirlwind summer. Cheerio