So when I say fun size, clearly I'm lying. 

This is a monster post of monster pictures because we had a Halloween blast. 

Let's start at the beginning. I went to a work party. The costume theme was either your favorite science teacher or a mythical creature. Ya'll I was so on theme it hurts. No one knew who I was.  


 Several people guessed pepperoni. I'm not going to publish who I actually was so you can feel extra special if you know. 

My valiant husband K, however, wore his trusty Ghostbusters uni and won us first prize. 

I've also been hyping the festivities B and I have been planning. We had a huge party and did it up right. Here are some of my favorite shots.

 G and K carving pumpkins

B liked this little guy because he wasn't very messy. 
We had a black light room with spooky punch and a delicious keg that went all the way dry. 

 There are too many decorations to really document but man did the house look cool!

 A serious spread for serious eaters.

 Another less than obvious costume from me. Someone said the Beefeater guy...I'm not the Beefeater guy.

 Have you ever seen a cuter husband? 

 B and G, clearly winning at costumes. 

 Good Time Charley played, excellent fun.

Overall, huge success. There was much dancing and frivolity and mixing of unlikely groups of friends. 

Unfortunately, I got very sick afterwards. I had been fighting a cold all day Saturday but I knew I wasn't going to miss this. Partying the night away sent me right over the edge. 

After, we went to clean up on Sunday and then B and I shared some seriously delicious nachos from FreeBirds 

Then my days started to look like this. 

The ladies in my family will know what this means. It is the signature sick people food in our house, soft boiled eggs on toast and a Juice Sparkler (juice and sprite). 

I recovered mostly last night, just in time to carve the best pumpkin I've done yet. 

Ladies and gents, I present for your viewing pleasure, Dobby the House Elf.  

K also got to carve some more, as he made a Pokeball and an angry bird from his baby pumpkins. 

Tonight I think we'll finally take it easy. Hopefully we will get some neighbor kids trick or treating, we'll hand out some candy and find a vaguely Halloweenish movie to watch. 

We had a great anniversary date. 

I skipped lunch and ate nothing but brussel sprouts and these cupcakes most of the day: 

They are from Cupcake a La Mode, because we didn't have a wedding cake top to eat and these are from the shop that we had at our wedding. There might have been a $20 Groupon involved which explains the ridiculous quantity. We also made up for the fact that we got no cake on wedding day other than the single bite we fed each other. I ate two of these yesterday. Woof and delicious. 

We also took a nap, watched GhostBusters and generally had a delicious afternoon. 

We headed out to Port Fonda for dinner. It was fun to eat some delicious things we couldn't pronounce and had to guess what their format was (is this a sandwich? What does from the oven mmeaannn though?)

We dub it delicious but a little overpriced and our service was very rushed even though it was not a full house. 

Overall, a very happy anniversary date. 

Also, time for ya'll to recognize two things. 1. I am a SUPER nerd and 2. My husband is the best present giver ever. 
This is my anniversary present :) 

I got him a rugged LowePro200 camera backpack for his camera and the Light Room software. 

If you asked me if I felt like someone who is 25 and has been married for a year I'd say no. 

But that is only because I had pretty unrealistic expectations of being a grown up. 
Old, boring, full of chores and keepings to the rules. 

I'm here to give you a different version, one that is entirely kept afloat by the best man on the planet.

From Lissa Clair Photos

Sure, we do a pretty bang up job with all the responsible stuff. We have a savings account and a 401K and we are almost debt free and we take vitamin supplements and are constantly starting a new exercise program.

However, I feel like those things are the footnotes to our marriage.

Mostly I am constantly in awe of how patient, fun-loving, enthusiastic, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, diligent, trustworthy, creative and all around amazing my husband is. He makes my life a life instead of a To Do list and for that I am eternally grateful and intensely excited about the years to come.

Happy 1 year anniversary K.  

This thing happens when you get married and get new jobs and move in to a house. Your life starts moving really quickly and you have all these awesome friends and you can just fill your days with activities and family and more and more. 

Eventually, even though all the stuff you do is really fun, you have to stop and balance. This is what we did this weekend and it felt good. Even though we did spend time doing some awesome halloween decorating and crafting, we also just hung out and were together and we haven't done that in a while and it felt nice. 

It sounds complainy but it isn't, I just never knew that even when you are super happy you have to slow down to stop from being overwhelmed. 

We got McDonald's ice cream cones and looked forward to vacation. 

We watched The Goofy Movie, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. This is a terrible picture of that. 

This will be another crazy week but at the end is a big payoff of an awesome party. I'm glad we are doing all these things while we are young and have energy but thank goodness we are learning to take time for ourselves even though all we have are first world problems. There may be times in the future were we will say no, awesome friends, but we will be more pleasant people for it, trust me.

Last nigth was one of those nights that other people would find boring but is indicative of my awesome marriage. 

I came home, starving as usual, ate some almonds while lounging in bed waiting for K to fully wake up from his nap. 

We rolling around looking at the Wayside website and talking ourselves out of getting something furry because we are newly married people who need a furry thing to love but can't commit yet. 

I made him eat at least some vegetables for dinner and we gabbed about what "grumpy cat" would like while eating.

Then we went to Costco for approximately two and a half hours. 

We walked all the aisles and tried not to look too closely at things we really wanted. K wanted us to buy every toy because we have "a niece and a nephew" and he would like to fill our house with toys for them. 

Because K never tries to convince me NOT to buy things I came dangerously close to buying a sweater until I remembered that I had declared with conviction that I was done buying Fall clothes.

My sister called near the end and K was not even the least bit annoyed talked to her because I missed her and she just got back from Amsterdam and I asked all her advice about what multivitamins to get while he checked out our giant cart by himself. 

Driving home he put air in the tires, the indication for which I had been ignoring for a few days. 

We put our new flannel sheets on the bed and I declared that there is nothing better than what amounts to sleeping in giant pj pants. 

 It was an early night because as usual he convinced me to go to bed with him at 9:30. 

All those tiny things add up to the best husband ever. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is next week and even though we didn't do anything monumental that whole last year...we kind of did.

What an old people night, man did we have fun.