A misleading post title, as we haven't gone anywhere. But lately I've been trying to make peace with that. Our recent plans to leave have been postponed as new opportunities have been coming up in KC (a blessing and a curse, yay for opportunity, boo for the fact that we will never get out of here). Anyway, that means that we will most likely be sticking around and continuing to love living here and exploring here:) 

Plans aside, there have been many things happening. You've probably all seen K's updates as of late, which shed most of the light on LP's baby shower, a visit from LH, our good friend's baby shower etc. Here are some of the other things we have been doing:

Before the baby shower, K and I got a chance to babysit Miss Nithi. It was super fun rolling around and giggling etc. plus we found out how adept a three year old can be with a smart phone. Who knew that this was the new medium, but she totally had the controls etc. down on a drawing game K showed her in seconds flat.

She is such a big kid now, you'd think she was about six. She can write her own name, sing the alphabet as well as sounds out all the letters, count to 18 or so, do a memory game and draw a person with a face hair etc. Ever since she was born I've been saying she is advanced:) 

She looovvess K as well, and they have mega fun together. 
I'm not going to lie, I'm ready for baby squinky though so I can be a favorite too:) 

Also on baby shower weekend I got to see LH give an excellent talk at my company that was having a conference. Everyone was all over her Harvardyness and it was so fun to see her speak. Unfortunately, I only brought my phone so the pics are pretty darn blurry. 

Finally, this weekend I was sick for the most part and K being the wonderful and dutiful husband he is, humored me by letting me eat nothing but frozen yogurt and seeing The Avengers at the super cool Ward Parkway theater with me. It was an awesome movie and I loved the recliners. It was a nice relaxing weekend in which I never put on pants more real than the yoga variety.

 Upcoming, we are looking to move sometime this summer so have been on the search. We can't really decide if we would rather live in a house or a loft or what. Neighborhoods we are looking at: Waldo, Mission, Roeland Park, Westport, Plaza/West Plaza, Rivermarket, Soho/Garment, Prarie Village. Basically inside the loop and not too far from the Plaza. If you have suggestions for us feel free to leave them in the comments:)