Spring is here and we have been having fun. Things that have happened lately that are awesome. 1. BB is back in town. I decorated her cube as below. 

Also we got to spent a whole Sunday at Shawnee Mission Park with A and C while they taught us how to geocache.

Before they got to the park for our picnic lunch and hunt, we decided to try out the kite. As seen below, here is K untangling the string. 

Here he is twenty seconds later, looking up at the tree where he lost said kite. 

And here he is standing way back there, throwing me a football that he finally cajoled me in to buying. I am not a super fan of this so far, because I don't catch it correctly so it hurts. I like kicking it though, what are you gonna do when you are brought up on Futball. 

This park is PACKED with stuff to do, cool picnic shelters etc. We ate a picnic at one nice one right next to the big lake. 

K enjoyed messing with the special GPS that C the professional had. 

I even found the first one! (Although I stepped in dog dookie so win some, lose some.) P.S. isn't that something you felt like you heard a lot when you were younger and now no one else says? Dog dookie. haha. 

They have a huge off leash dog park there complete with it own doggie beach for access to the lake. Them pups LOVED it there. And K had some serious fun watching them. 

I'm having fun too, but you can't tel because by husband took this picture without my knowledge. 

Hurray for being outside. Next up, visitors and baby showers!

It has been a while and I'll just tell you that life is stressful but happy currently. We have come to the precipice where change is a reality but still an unknown one so there is no news but I can tell you I've got an eye twitch and had my first migraine last week:) Thankfully I have a wonderful husband and we do an excellent job of keeping each other sane. There are a lot of tradesies to make sure that at least one person feels calm and in control at a time. 

So with all that crypticness, I can tell you that right now we are focused on getting back in shape and healthy so we spend lots of our free time on that. I have gone back to vegetarian (yes still the kind that people like to judge because I give myself rules and exceptions). K is very supportive and tried to be one too, but I ended up banning him because what with his dislike of most of the vegetarian sources of protein, he wasn't getting much good stuff haha.

We had a fun weekend this weekend with family and friends and the new show we watch together Game of Thrones. We hosted a family event Sunday which was very nice and there were tulips and chocolate bunnies all around. I have been very remiss lately in picturefying all of this so I'll just give you what I've got, which is the pictures we took while laying around in bed messing with the "artiness" of Instagram. P.S. I never got around to actually doing any of the filtering stuff with Instagram on these.

I have a wonderful husband, seriously. We have now been married 6 whole months and this weekend, for some reason everywhere we went we got some comment on being married. It was odd because we haven't had anyone notice much or comment at all until now, but it did help to remind me how luck I am to be married to him. 

The rest of our life will fall into place at some point and until then I'm gonna read this book and go for bike rides and generally live my first world, totally privileged, relatively stress free life.