And it is January. I don't know WTF is going on but I am alternately scared or loving it. Today we washed all our cars (three now, since we now are the proud owners of my parents' Prius!) and it was gorgeous outside. 

Actually it has been a great weekend all around. We had C and S over this weekend for movies and mexican. We had a make your own quesadilla bar, watched movies and played games and all around had tons of fun. 

Look at this cute present S got us, yeah I wrote that dorky smoopy message, go away if you don't like it. 

Aren't they cute:) The night naturally ended with S and I sleep cuddling on the couch...because we are either very old or very young:) 

We also had an Ihop date courtesy of a gift certificate from Mama K. Look how happy he is about it. 

I ordered chicken and waffles since I had never had these. K was NOT impressed that these were just chicken tenders and a waffle. This would not do, therefore he took me to a place recommended by a trusted colleague for the real deal. It was delicious, and the people there were the nicest we've run in to in a long time: Nieces 

K of course got the country fried steak, plus his first encounter with grits. I could only eat about half of my giant chicken and waffles plate, but K of course finished it. 

I also managed to make some totally delicious soup. Love my cooking light subscription and the time to cook things. 

Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. 

Last weekend with J and KR was very legend...wait for it....dary. The recap is that we went and saw art, had delicious brewery food, make tons of yummy pizza, played lots of games, made new friends and saw old friends and three dogs and ate more delicious brunch! My K and JR also made some art while KR and I took a nap and ate marshmallows, ah to be with our better halves ;) I won't repost all the pictures that I've already put on Google+ but it was so fun to get to catch up with them and we sincerely hope we will one day live in the same city again. 

Settles of Catan! This was first introduced to us by the game aficionados L and F and now is consistently at the top of our list. 

JR and I might have some trouble with competitiveness;) 

And last but not least, some random pictures from other happenings. The cake that was made by me for my lovely B's birthday. It conquered me and did not turn out pretty but at least it tasted ok. 

We also got to see K's friend BJ at his gig at Czar Bar, which was very fun. Check out his tunes if you'd like, because we enjoyed them. 

 February so far is shaping up with a Valentine's date already on the books, my last business trip to Indianapolis (yay) and a Superbowl get together. January leaves me sad but excited as I already miss my padres who are settling down in Australia and B, who has taken off for India and Thailand. As my sis is soon leaving for Switzerland (at least just for a short visit) I feel like my heart is a little strung out. 

We are, however, at least planning a little trip to San Francisco come Spring Break time, since I'll be there at a conference on translation bioinformatics. K and I will get to see the sites and sneak in a visit to my uncle. 

So the title of this post is misleading. I don't actually have any pictures of a very fun wedding we went to this weekend, except for the awesome ones from the photo booth that are bouncing around facebook. In the mean time I will explain that we had a very busy three day weekend. 

It all started with lots of sick people (i.e. the two that live there) in the house.

 Then we started to get to leave the house and thing were looking up. The weather got nicer and so did the view

 I started cooking again (Baja fish tacos, which K pretended he could happily eat and then really couldn't)

 Then we spent a really fun two days catching up with people we hadn't seen in a long time and watching B and R get hitched! An excellent time was had by all and we didn't screw up with DJ'ing too bad (it was all the Bossy Uncle's fault)

 And THEN I made the craziest cake in existence for BB's birthday. Holla from Baton Rouge when you eat this thing. The Doberge: eight layers filled with home made stirred chocolate custard, covered with chocolate butter cream and topped with a poured chocolate icing. That thing almost got the better of me. It looked a little bad at the end, and the last frosting wasn't perfect but it tasted pretty ok. It was worth it for BB's birthday because I had to poor all my love and longing into a cake as she will soon be gone ;)

(can you tell K took the above picture...yeah I'm not that tall) 

We got to spend some quality time with Momma R and Papa R this Sunday while I laughed over childhood memories (see: cleaning out boxes of crap) and watched some football. Soon we will be prepping to send them off to the AU and I can't think about it too hard of it makes me a little sad. 
This week will be about trying to find some time to swim (stupid gym hours) and then it is a road trip off to J and KR's place:)

I went to the Apple Store and they didn't screw me over. Instead, they gave me a new charger, for free:) Now that I have my laptop back, I get to use my PhotoBooth. Because it is 10:41 p.m. I am using the laptop in bed. And sometimes I use it to take pictures like this: 

That is my sleeping husband. There are a couple elements to this picture that he wishes I didn't post I'm sure. 
A. He has to go to bed at 9:30 but I do not. Therefore, the light is on and he is trying to block it out with a pillow. 
B. Said pillow has no pillow case on it because his wife (me) got errant chocolate on the pillow case during the holidays and it is now laying on the dryer with SpotShot on has not been washed. 

I also found some other pictures in PhotoBooth. Enjoy the randomness! 

Once I had straight bangs, they were a pain. 

Once I was a grad student. 

Once K lived in Lee's Summit in a bachelor pad

Once, K wore a mean shirt from High School to drive me around to my bachelorette party. It was pretty funny. 


I made some kick ass soup this weekend. I was sick half the week with K and we enjoyed this spicy delicious respite (Chicken Chorizo Stew). K spent his time playing Red Dead and I spent my time devouring (K's words) Games of Thrones and subsequently moving on to Clash of Kings. *These books make me want to drink mulled wine and sleep on bear skins* 

It was delicious and brought to you by Cooking Light. Thank goodness I subscribed to that, because I am finally back on track making weekly menus and cooking. I am just going to have to see how that holds up as January explodes all over the place. We have a wedding, an out of town weekend, a friend's birthday and my parents moving to Australia. Toss in KC Restaurant week reservations, swimming and buying/getting a car and you have a busy month. I'm going to try to update this thing on the happenings.

In the mean time, I finally connected my camera to my computer and found this long lost video. Look at us, so young so unmarried (;) coming up on three months). This makes me happy. 

Certificate License from Rachel Lancaster on Vimeo.

Alright. We are going to start posting again. It has been a long hiatus of marriage and working and holidays but we will be back. Given that my parents are moving to Australia it is semi important that we have regular updates. Also I miss having a nice catalog of our life:) 

In the mean time: a taste of what has been going on since we August (whoops) as seen through the blurry confusion of pictures from my phone. That is always a good representation of your life right? Also, sorry folks but I don't have Instagram so instead of blurry AND cool they just look a little shitty. That is ok though because I really only want an Iphone so that I could get a Dr. Who cover for it, so it probably won't happen.

 K trys on clothes in a costume shop while looking for Halloween outfits.

 A Honeymoon Hat, beach baby.

MMmmmmmm Honeymoon food. 

I went to my first Chiefs game.

 The power went off and we were prepared with candles but not candle holders. We rock this grown-up stuff.

 We found the Darth Vader mask....BB happened to be wearing all was meant to be.

K introduces Miss Nithi to Ghostbusters and she loves it. 

K makes peanut butter cookies in the Kitchen Aid from BB (and shaves his beard for No-Shave November, who is that guy?)

We got the cold weather clothes out of the box.

I made pies for family-free thanksgiving. 

I got to use my awesome immersion blender from K and J:) 

BB made a fantabulous turkey. 

Thanksgiving with friends. We had other Thanksgivings but none made it to the phone, sorry folks. 

 K finds the golden treasure of Costco, a 3 lb summer sausage.  He ate that beast folks.


We love our Something tree:) 


I win some kind of award for discovering these and helping K make them. 


 We got to take Miss Nithi to Christmas in the Park and Ice Cream! We ruled that day as Aunt and Uncle. (Also how cute is my husband!?)

 We opened presents, about 50% of which were from Etsy:) 

  K successfully got me with some decoy presents.


We bought a coffee table at Good Juju. Not only did we feel like we were cool, we also successfully bought a third thing for the apartment we've lived in for two years.  

  I cooked a lot, in keeping with getting fat over Christmas break. We were all "Bring it on Christmas chub!" Now we have to be all, "Lets swim until we die!" 


Yes, still cooking lots. Yay carbs.

Christmas crackers....and wine.

Frivolity was had by all (also see, more Christmases, no phone pictures)

K flew his present Milt the flying shark everywhere he could.

A modern family ;) 

  We catsat Oreos, we miss him a lot.

 BB brought back this crazy awesome cake from her homeland. Doberge cake (pronounced Dough-bash) 

We had an excellent New Year's, K with the LAN men and me with the ladies I love. On to another year and kickin' it husband and wife style (We love being married, just for an update).