K's Lunch for R from Kyle Lancaster on Vimeo.

Here is my, (K's) Video of the day yesterday.
The intent was to leave it for R to see when she got home, and then have her lunch in the fridge. Just wanted to throw something together to let R know I was thinking about her while she was out working hard all day long.

I'm hoping to start doing something like this every few days to keep a video/photo log of our days.

In other news, everything is going pretty great!
Hope you are great too!

Advice to follow when, as K puts it, you break the rules, hit someone above the neck with a snowball and subsequently flee. Zig! Zag! it is harder to hit a moving target everybody. 

We have gotten the first real snow of winter and have been having some seriously rolicking good fun in the stuff.  

First, the winter food continues with 
Green du Puy lentil soup, I adapted from Ina's recipe and was supplied with those crazy good lentils by my awesome sisters. 
Colby Jack Beer Bread from a FoodGawker recipe 

Yes, we've been eating that soup all week. It is the best and I made a ton:) 

Garlic Knot rolls, surprisingly easy and totally delicious. K ate four when he came home and found them on the oven. These are also adapted from a FoodGawker recipe, if you don't go there and find awesome food blogs and/or immediately get hungry you should be ashamed. 

I also used my lunch break (working from home = awesome) to run around in the snow with my love.
We bundled in multiple layers of pants and six or so shirts and set out on the trail behind our apartment (Minnesotans or other northerners please don't make fun of us but -5 is very cold for these parts)  

We are the luckiest as far as I can tell. There are not pictures but we might have had a loogie spitting contest, you didn't want to see but you probably wanted to know that I won ;) 

Finally, here is a video of our recent fun, a bit random but that sums up our lives pretty well. 

The Lancaster-Hatfield residence has been cookin! Thanks to the fact that work has slowed down a bit we've been having more chances to cook. This Friday night, as we usually try to do date night but were both a little sick, we made one that was, as you'll see, mainly K's idea. 

He came home from the store bearing two hulking steaks and I made him some mashed potatoes to accompany. There was cheap Burgundy wine (whoops, there was leftover that I'd been cooking with?) and StarWars all around. 

Look at how manly with steaks! 

Friday night for the sick kids....it was sublime. 

Today has been a lovely relaxing Saturday. I took an hour and a half nap and played some Super Mario Galaxy two with K while I made some cinnamon rolls from scratch. Actually a very easy recipe that is adapted from the Pioneer Woman's gigantic recipe for 50.  I added a few pecans and made the maple coffee icing a bit less fattening and they turned out beautifully. These are touted as the best cinnamon rolls and I was in no way disappointed. Thankfully this only made 15 which will do nicely to give away:)

K was in rhapsody that he gets to marry me, as well he should be ;) 

Last but not least we've been looking for Honeymoon packages. I've basically never planned a vacation except for hiking and back packing (except for our four days in Santa Fe) and we are having fun trying to find something that is affordable and mainly relaxing with swimming in the ocean (as per K's request) Let me know your travel experiences if you'd like to share, we could use any advice. 

Happy New Year!

So far we've rung things in nicely with a our good friends who braved sickness and a drive through nowhere to be with us on a lovely evening. 

We supped at Boozefish, a pretty darn delicious European wine bar. 

There was much blurry merriment. 

We also played a seriously fun game that we got called Telepresence, which is like a cross between telephone and pictionary. 

It was pretty difficult going back to the real world today as it means going back to hardly ever seeing each other again. However, we soldier on with the knowledge that we'll be getting married soon, wahoo!

In other news, we are hoping to upgrade to some new bikes to ride in the MS150 this year. Therefore, the old ones are for sale on Craigslist for anyone that is interested. Check out this beauty, a vintage 1983 mountain bike with new tires:) 

Ok, enough advertising. 

Mostly, I am excited to be planning and participating in a whole new year. There were many very fun and very difficult things last year and I'm sure this year will be the same. I plan to try, emphasis on try, to experience all of them by living in the moment as much as possible and as always sharing my life and love with K. 

That said, I'm still pretty pumped to be getting married this year and like testing out the whole "Husband"...elect.