Well, here we are again. As promised, I'm starting the blog again and this time it will be from beautiful Victoria. We will be here for the next three years and today we spent our first full day here. I am not going to lie that it still feels surreal and shocking to be here. Mostly we still feel like we are on vacation.

We got some of the beauracratic chores done this morning and then we set off as usual to explore. 

We went to the downtown "mall" here to check out the cellphones situation and grab some surprisingly delicious greek food from the food court that we got to eat on the lovely rooftop patio. Who knew malls could be enjoyable. 

Bonus, Jazzfest was going on as well. 

We are currently in some temporary housing in the downtown area. While it is fun to be in this urban setting we were eager to visit our future neighborhood again...for the second time ever. 

Thankfully I can say it totally rekindled and refreshed our love for the area we chose, wanna see why?

First the water, which immediately makes K giddy.

This particular beach is a block and a half from our place. In the same place is access to a trail that runs all along the shoreline and leads to other neighborhoods and beaches.

A couple blocks in another other direction is this amazing park. It is huge and diverse. All the pictures below are the same park, and we are in love.

Putting practice green.

Peacocks just wander around everywhere, is this real life?

Closed, the Canadian way.

A children's zoo in the middle of the park has baby lambs and whatnot. We will be coming back as we saw a sign for a miniature horse named Peanut Butter...sold!

Saw a squirrel that was black, which is apparently a transplant of the London Black Squirrel.

The local cricket pitch.


We also took a walk to our village grocery, pharmacy etc. and enjoyed the feel of being able to walk around and get to know our area.

We are, of course, already missing everyone we love but we are so excited by this new life we seem to have stumbled upon.