As a bonus post, here is the craft circle I hosted this weekend. I work with some very creative ladies and each month we get together and craft. We have done things like resin pendants, glass etchings and jewelry makings. As this was my month, it was not a very creative craft (Valentine card making), however, with some serious tricks of the crafting trade they rose to the challenge!....I provided lots of food:) 

Here is what I made: 

Delightfully delicious and pretty easy too. It felt a little like a science experiment when  I flash boiled them in the water and baking soda solution. Who knew these could come out like they do from the cart, I didn't. However, make sure you don't make gobs of them for a bunch of dieting ladies because they are best very fresh. Even within a couple hours they weren't as good, although I bet if you froze them and baked them again they would save well. 

I also made Turkey-Bacon Wrapped Dates *delicious* and some cream puffs and vegetable tray courtesy of Costco. 

Note: this is one significant reason for the R and K budget smack down. Costco, you are so cost saving, except for all those tempting and not so necessary options that we buy. Budget breakdown is so on. 

Here is what the ladies brought: 

Yep, it isn't even all unpacked. 

We made some pretty cool cards, with crafty supplies that I have never even seen. Do you know what embossing is? There is ink, powder and a special little blow dryer involved, it also felt pretty scientific. I made a couple of cards and K and I got to eat the conversation hearts we bought. A great event! 

This weekend was also an awesome super bowl party, which I should have remembered to take pictures at but I didn't. This is pretty unfortunate but the highlights included winning the bet that Christina would, in fact, hold the "brave" of the nation anthem more than 6 seconds and Nithi running around in her pigtails and feety pajama's cheering "Go Packers!" 

Back in January we took a little break. The snow was making all of us a little cooped up so when we got a generous invitation from our friends we jumped at the chance. It even got K to rearrange his work schedule, a very rare thing. 

 We went to the lake, yes the frigid lake, with our lovely friends and played many board games. It was refreshing in that, eat too much, sleep at the wrong time of night, laugh until you cry kind of way. 

We hung out with Odie and played the gloriously awesome and nerdy game Settlers of Catan

We all cooked delicious food and had a jolly time. 

Even though we did get to take a break, the winter doldrums banged on my pipe, or whatever, again. It must be why they put Valentine's day in the middle of all this miserable coldness, because I had to rearrange my living room to keep from feeling like I live in a closet. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment. I love how it is warm and I am so very well provided for and loved. However, when I work from home and never get out of my pajamas for three days, it starts to feel a little stiffling despite all the "relaxing". 

How did I treat this malaise? 

Feng Shui.....sort of. 

I rearranged. 

And then I felt a little better. 

Here is to February. I'm going to celebrate my second love day with my love, work on getting our budget under control and kick this wedding planning into gear.