This weekend was a great Father's Day extravaganza. Sunday we got up bright and early and went on the City of Fountains Tour . It was super fun to see all parts of the city and very perfect weather for a 22 mile ride. 

Here we are pre-ride, which started at Washington Square Park. 

So fresh and so clean. We are missing a post picture, where we were sweaty, but just as happy:) 

Mom Dad and Kyle amidst the fray. The kids doing the ride were the cutest (there were 9 and 17 mile routes as well), with many parents using total bike attachments 

Mom, Dad and Me, family bike rides!

Kyle, stopped in front of the Fire Fighters fountain, another piece of the family affair, as Papa K is a retired fire fighter, as well as other members of the Lancaster family. 

The view from the top of the WWI memorial. One of the best views of Kansas City. 

In other news, we have been getting more things in the mail which is pretty exciting. See a peak of our exciting stuff. My wedding band came in the mail, as did K's birthday present (Reel Big Fish tickets!). 

Similarly, my kick ass wedding shoes made an appearance. I think from now on I should order everything on-line, as it is so exciting to get mail that is fun:) 

We also had an awesome visit to the farm  where we are getting married recently and I felt like Maria, ready to burst out and sing to the hills. Here are some pictures of how beautiful the farm is in Spring. 

That's it for now folks. I'm going to go away on business this week so nothing fun will happen, but we will be back with more rides and Shakespeare in the park and some lake fun to come. 

Hello you, our faithful followers. In an effort not let this go completely, we have here a little update of what we've been up to in the newly summer weather. I apologize for our sporadic posting, but I don't want to let it completely die. I plan to make it a better account of our lives when we get married, out of inspiration from my absolutely favorite blogger Mrs. C

Ok, enough of that.  In the mean time, we've been playing outside and preparing for the weather a lot. We had a really fun memorial weekend, in which we stuffed in a lot of activities. I finagled my way in to taking a day off work in the middle of the week so that K and I could actually share a day (and working memorial day instead) and we had a ton of fun. 

We got some bar-be-que from Oklahoma Joe's. Delicious

We also saw Hangover Part II. My review is that is was not nearly as funny as the first one. The plot was almost identical to the first one, except that you were more worried about their characters than laughing about them. There seemed to be unnecessary graphic nudity that was not very funny and overall it wasn't very enjoyable. K was pretty happy I went to go see it with him though, and that is all that matters. We went tradsies for him coming to see Bridesmaids with me, although we both ended up liking that one better. Go Kristin Wiig! 

We also stumbled upon a really great festival, in benefit of Kansas City pedestrians and cyclists and sponsored by New Belgium Beer. There were short films and beer tasting and fun all around. 

Hanging out in the grass with the sample beers. They also gave you a little book describing what the beers were like, flavors, something called "mouth feel" etc. We felt very snooty, but wrote comments like "Give me more bananas!" so it wasn't lasting. 


Later that weekend, we got to celebrate the union of our good friends B and A. We dj'ed the wedding and it was double fun to be K's assistant and see all my friends from graduate school as well.

Here is our setup, a little more modest without the lighting rig. 

They held the festivities in a very cute barn, which was also fun practice for us. 

 All dressed up for the partay.


Finally, we had tons of fun this last weekend participating in the Samsung hosted scavenger hunt in Kansas City. We signed up, along with 500 other people, got to use one of the new Nexus phones, and headed out on the hunt. It was about 95 degrees, and the radius for the spots was 1-2 miles, so running from place to place for 2 hours got us VERY worn out, but man was it fun. We did fairly well, with the top place had 102 points, we got 81 (only 9 points away from the third place winner at 90). Go team R & K!. 

Here are some pictures of K practicing for the event with the SVNGR app at his workplace.

Speaking of work, K has been putting in some time as an overnight photog, riding out with a fellow photographer to get a feel for the role. He has had a blast, despite the fact that both times he has done it, he had to work his own day shift before hand, therefore ending up working 16 hours and being awake 24. Yikes, however, he was having so much fun he didn't notice much. 

Here is a sunrise shot being shot in KC.

In my news, I have been working on wedding things quite a bit. The ladies in my family,  LP,  LH and Marmi  have all been giant helps, thanks to them we are all booked up for our fabulous honeymoon in Key Largo, FL, well on our way towards making all our diy decorations and have already prototyped out the home-made wedding dress. 

Here are some sneak peaks: 

Flowers being made from book pages and tissue paper: 

Nithi practicing being a flower girl. She really loved making us sing "Here comes the bride" and throwing cotton balls from her little basket willy nilly. 

That is it for now folks, we will be once again, trying to make a better effort of updating this here blog. I'll leave you with this random photo of what K calls "One Trip Rachel". I will NOT be going back down to the car for another load thanks very much (p.s. that is costco sized food, we don't shop there exclusively:D)