K here again.
I used to love to play hockey.  I was on several teams, and played for several years.  Ever since they announced there would be a hockey team coming to the Independence Event Center, I have been constantly wanting to go to a game.  About two years later, R finally made my dream come true.  We got tickets to a Missouri Mavericks game, and it was fun on a bun.  D and his lady, KT came to town for the weekend, and joined the "Orange Army" with us Saturday night.  We all had a blast.  The arena was small enough for every seat in the place to be a great view.  The crowd was riled up, and we had no problem fitting in.  The one downside was the "Maverick" cowbells everyone had.  R did not appreciate the 4 sitting right behind us.  I however did not mind them.

D and myself went exploring and got a little something for everyone... KT got the foam finger she'd been wanting, the boys got a couple "Chuck-a-Pucks" to throw out onto the ice in an attempt to win $600 and other sweet prizes (We won nothing... not even close... our puck chucking skills need some work) and for R, I tried to continue our streak of having her try the most ridiculous food sports arenas have to offer.  Of course there was the usual nachos, peanuts and such... but then I saw an item on the menu that had quotes around it... And if that doesn't say "GET THIS, GET THIS" I don't know what does
Today ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Missouri Maverick's food spectacular:
"The Mighty MO Dog"

It's basically a chilidog, but huge, doused in chili, onions, cheese, and topped with Fritos (but Fritos probably didn't want to endorse the mighty mo quite yet, so the menu describes them as corn chips)

R had about 2 bites before she felt like she had to pass on the ol' MO.  I kindly obliged to finishing it for her.

The game was fun, and tied up until the last few minutes when the visitors scored 2 unanswered goals to bring the Mavs a loss.  They're headed to the playoffs still though, and I hope we get to go to another game if not this year, then next.

We then went out with D and KT to Westport and had fun relaxing and getting the sound of cowbells out of our brains.

So all in all, a fun weekend!  OH YEAH, and we did get an actual weekend now that I'm officially a full time employee and have Friday/Saturday off!  Hopefully the first of many real weekends. 

Also in wedding news, we have lined up our good friend, and D's father Mr. Fuchs as our "ordained minister" to do our wedding for us!

Loves it.

We've been having some big fun this last week everyone. And by big fun, I mean the totally mundane things mostly only our families and a few bored friends care about (thanks for visiting everyone!)  

We got out on a bike ride the only nice day for the last couple weeks: 

We have not yet invested in our really dorky bike clothing, so we are only a little bit hilarious. Trust me though, K is in the works to buy a rear view mirror because he constantly wants to look back to make sure I am still there, so it will get worse. We will eventually be donning the seriously unattractive bike shorts, with their adult diaperish padding and sausage thigh design. We....are in this thing. 

In other news, K recently let me give him a haircut. The back story to this is he hates getting haircuts. He finds it awkward to sashay into a barber shop chair and be inundated with annoyingly chit chatty questions while he tries to articulate how much he does or doesn't care what this hair cut will eventually look like. Enter, me. I am, a little overconfident when it comes to things I've never done. I am one of those "give it I got it" people, who, after watching my mother give me haircuts, was feeling a little bravado that surely I could lick this hair thing in no time. So as not to leave you in suspense, K is doing fine. 

However, this process was much harder than I thought and our entire bathroom was covered in hair. Mad props Mom, because I'm pretty sure K squirmed way less than I did, yet it was challenging stuff. In the end, I think K will come back to the R's Cut and Mess, but probably not for as long as his hair allows. 

This weekend we got to do some wedding business with my savior of a sister, LP. She should clearly be in charge of this occasion and has been a great inspiration. We did a little thrift store hunting and made some progress on our DIY missions. We got a delicious lunch and great company out of the deal, which made for an awesome Saturday. 

Last but not least, here are some pictures of Nithi and her favorite person reading some books. 

Complete with video so you can all witness the cuteness, if only for a moment since the batteries were running low. 

Happy March everyone, who wants to buy me some galoshes:) 

Hey everybody, K here. 
While winter has been fun, we're about done with it... These snow storms are getting to be a little tiresome.

 Thursday night, when we suddenly got another rain/sleet/snow storm, R and myself had to try multiple routes home, as cars were stuck on hills, or unable to make it through intersections... after a long long drive home, which at one point included getting stuck on a hill during a red light with about 12 other cars, and having throw down some trusty salt/sand mix I keep in my car. (R was not having such a good time at this point, but she held out like a champ, and we made it through the light without having an accident while others weren't so lucky) We finally made it home, but were unable to make it up our complex's huge hill they call a driveway.  So we ended up parking down by the garbage drop off, and walking home to our apartment, which was much more fun than trying to drive anyway.

Gotta have a snowball fight... right?

Saturday night I built a snowman on the roof of the TV station complete with a flower-pot hat, and ended up getting on the news a few times with a picture!

Saturday Night
Monday Night.  The rain and sunlight were not kind to him.

Needless to say the change in weather can not come soon enough for us, and that is escalated even more by the fact that we have new bicycles.  So far we've only gone on one ride, (on one of those magical 70 degree days we had a few weeks back) and it was GREAT!  So fun! Need moooree....

Thanks to Pappa Hatfield for generously donating his old ride to our cause, here it is on my test ride out in Shawnee-Mission Park.
 And here's R's brand new Trek Lexa

Here's a tiny look into R's awesome creativity!  These were a couple of Valentines she made at her craft circle from the last post.

I have the best Valentine E.V.E.R.

Here's another little example of how awesome R is to me... I came home from work, and found an entire tupperware FULL OF CUPCAKES!  Woo!  I didn't think to take a picture of it until they were almost gone though.
Also she had made a delicious BBQ meatloaf that I don't know anything about... other than it was delicious, and could have eaten it forever.  A photo was not taken of this, because it didn't last long....

If you haven't noticed yet, we have made a wedding web-site, and there's a link on the right of this page, above our "about me" section.  It's pretty fun, and I encourage you to sign the guest book over there. 
We may not be totally ready for the wedding yet, but at least there's a little flower girl we know who is now ready to dress her part!

Flower Girl Apparel

We'll post again soon and let you know how the Spring transition is going.  In the meantime everybody go wash off the winter salt, and let's do this Spring thing!