I just can't tell you how much I treasure weekends and this one was a fun one. We started off our Friday with the intention of heading out to the free outdoor movie in the park next to our house with our neighbors, but ended up in a delightful evening at a friend of our friend's house, talking and eating delicious things until we basically just missed the movie. A lovely night. 

Then Saturday we celebrated my birthday with a trip to the Royal BC Museum (our local Natural History museum), sushi for dinner and Star Trek at the IMAX. What an awesome birthday! 

Random museum photos. They had some very fun exhibits including one about the "Race to the end of the earth" where we learned about the British and Norwegian racing for the South Pole. 

I don't know about you guys but I freakin loved Star Trek, I loved the first one and was super surprised that I loved the second one as well. Plus as I was standing in line, there was a group of nerds talking about all the terrible SciFi TV shows I watch and it just felt like home:) 

Sunday we partook in a very British tradition that they are carrying on here in Victoria, a Sunday Roast. We headed out to The Guild with our lovely neighbors (one of whom is Irish and therefore excited about this tradition) and our new friends and we all ate merrily of ye ol English food. It was super delicious. 

That is roast with gravy and Yorkshire Pudding. Very real stuff people. 

Kyle was in heaven. 

All in all a wonderful weekend  that I really wish could have lasted longer. Ah well, I probably spent as much time as is good for a person to sit and watch Star Trek The Next Generation for a while. 

Things we've done lately: other than working, pretty much whatever we want. K has been a trooper, doing many of the things we are supposed to be doing, so we've been able to make the most of our evenings. K tried a local BC chain for their milkshakes and pronounced them "good". 

He is deliriously happy as long as he has a supply of ice cream in one form or another. 

We are also enjoying the new blooms at the beach down the street from our house. 

Taking a stroll down our path reminds me how freaking lucky we are, despite the pangs of missing people that are still very fresh. 
We missed the Symphony Splash as I wasn't feeling great, but still had a great long weekend and like everyone else I find myself wishing all work weeks were only four days. Alas, thankfully here in Canadian there is a holiday almost every month of the year so until Labor Day everybody:)