Things have very much been whizzing along here in the great white north (ok, it doesn't really even snow here on the Island). I have been suitably freaking out about Fall, which is apparently what all girls do? I don't know but I'm not ashamed because it has always been my favorite season and I'm double pumped that we live in a place that basically just keeps going with Fall all Winter. 

1. K got a new job (!!!!!)
2. I entered my second trimester
3. Halloween prep started

and they are going to continue going for the rest of the month

1. Ultrasound in mid-Oct
2. Vancouver Trip
3. Canadian Thanksgiving
4. Two year wedding anniversary 
5. Halloween 

However, just in case I have been doing this wrong and haven't been using the internet to complain enough, and because I like to make lists apparently, here is another list of things that I miss about the U.S. 

1. Internet TV (thank goodness for some shortcuts, but I feel this whole thing is unreasonable)
2. Dots 
3. Chipotle (GAWD Vancouver Island, it is just crazy that you don't have one or apparently want one. This may be a major driving reason for a weekend in Vancouver) 
4. Internet Shopping
5. Cheap....anything 

And finally, a list of things that are crazy about being pregnant 

1. This is probably the last day I will be able to get these boots on...K had to help 
2. I forget I'm pregnant all the time, this seems weird to people on the outside, but it totally happens when it is you 
3. Every time I hear the baby and it is confirmed that this is actually happening, it feels like explosions in my a good way 
4. No Pumpkin Beer...blows. Although I read this book and feel not guilty about some tasting (Thanks LH!)
5. People have already started commenting that I'm going to be gigantic...I don't find this amusing. I now walk 3.2 miles every day. Lay off. 

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  1. You are the cutest in your striped dress! :) Love the Halloween crafting, too. I'm excited for a big Halloween party at church with a haunted house created by my highschool youth group. :) Bummer about Chipotle, just remember how much better the fish and chips are up there! ;)