What a 2nd year we have had. We weren't newly weds anymore, but there were so many parts of our lives that we started in this second year. 

Here are some things I learned being married to my wonderful husband over the past year:

1. Patience: I've still got quite a bit to go on this, but I already know that I've learned to just wait a bit because his calm influence

2. Kindness: I've never met a more compassionate person and while I still have to try to be kind, it is more effortless thanks to his example

3. Joy: Simply put I enjoy life a lot more, and enjoy being me more, because with K we prioritize letting go and living in the ways that WE define.

So many big things happened this year, not the least of which included moving to Canada and finding out we are having a baby. I can't wait for year three.

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  1. Yaaayyyy!!! You guys make a great team. Love seeing all these adorable shots of your smiling faces. Happy anniversary!