What an overdue post. I keep adding photos to the draft of this, hoping that I'll be actually posting it, and then either running out of time or forgetting completely.

First up, Halloween recap. We did so many fun things this season, partially because I am just overly excited about holidays this year. Something about being away from home and being pregnant has sent my whole sense of whimsy into overdrive. 

My favorite was probably our pumpkin carving party though, which began with a trip to the pumpkin patch and ended with what amounts to a big tailgate in our backyard as we grilled out and carved pumpkins. 

We also got to go to a party with some awesome people K works with and it was so fun to get to meet so many fun new people. 

We got a surprising number of trick or treaters but it could have been our eight inviting pumpkins or Pikachu coming home on his dinner break to hand out candy. P.S. Pikachu got on TV again this year, that makes two countries in two years. 

Fall is completely beautiful here, although it makes me want to stay home and now that daylight savings time has begun it gets dark sooo early. 

The good news for K though is that the weather makes me want to cook. 

Now the rest of these are just random photos. 

One: I sometime wear K's clothes now. 

This is the end of our street when we took a walk up the beach on Sunday afternoon. 

This is my bump that we found out recently is a boy (!!) and the slow start of making it look wintery in our place:) 

We are overly excited about our visit back to KC soon and you can expect a deluge of photos that don't make any more sense than this post:) 

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  1. The leaves! The pumpkins! The ocean! The cuteness!

    **head explodes**